Finishing Classes

What does “finishing” mean?

Savoir-faire is the ability to say and do the right thing in any social situation. Savoir-vivre means familiarity with the rules and customs of a polite society. In the past, ladies of the upper class European and American society attended finishing school, also called charm school that taught them social graces and etiquette as a preparation for entry into society. Today, finishing school is becoming ever more exclusive, reserved for the selected few, as many prefer these knowledge to be kept within their own social groups.

Why attend our finishing class?

Our finishing class encompasses a range of topics including dining etiquette, social graces and personal image management. The knowledge you will learn can have a huge impact in your social and professional lives. It prepares people to become more polished, cultured, graceful and confident! All you need is to engage in this elegant affair once and you will be “finished” for life.

Your Trainer

Dr. Rayne Kee is the founder of Art of Living Institute, Asia’s leading online finishing school that aims to empower people with the knowledge of international etiquette and social graces to build social ease and confidence. With a psychology background and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University College London (UCL), she has developed and adopts a philosophical view of life and happiness. Instead of pursuing happiness that solely comes from achievements in the future, she understands that life is unpredictable, and true happiness comes from having every present moment well lived. She attended various finishing schools and courses during her eight years of living and studying in London and found the life skills she learnt immensely valuable and life-changing. Dr. Rayne Kee has been actively researching and creating etiquette courses and has been on various talks in local schools and universities. She designed the One Day or Two Days intensive finishing classes that include everything she has learnt and more through her own research, with a fraction of the cost of a traditional finishing school in Europe.

Please email us for workshop overview and price information.